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Cory used to be a stud and a prodigy. Now he is a Sergeant who runs a cutting-edge squad of brainy detectives. The squad is short of muscle, so the department sends a rookie detective, Jim Lyall.

Jim is brawny, sexy, smart and wild. Feeling insecure and threatened, Cory invites Jim to dinner. The rookie proves to be the world’s best dinner guest. Cory loses his mind. Until his wife tells him to relax: “Jim’s gay.”

Cory is skeptical.

But he goes shopping and works out with Jim. In no time, Cory transforms into a stud again.

Then a raid goes bad. As Jim saves the day, he comes out of the closet. Not as a gay man, but a dirty cop.

Cory is vulnerable. He has no one to talk to but the rookie. He visits Jim’s Chelsea apartment. The rookie grows fresh, bold and hungry. The Sergeant is aroused, and angry about it.

Will Cory let Jim play Sergeant for the night?

COMING OUT DIRTY features interracial sex, graphic sex, rough sex.

It is a prequel to the Dirty Sexy Cop Stories Series:
The Rogue (Book 1)
Training Gay (Book 2)
Slammer (Book 3)

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