Miriam, the transsexual at the centre of a Reality TV furore, has spoken out against criticisms of the show saying she entered it to find love.

The Mexican born star of There's Something About Miriam says she is sorry if the men involved in the dating show felt tricked when they found out she was born aman, but she had hoped to find a relationship and fall in love.

"I did it because I wanted to know if real love exists. Can a person fall in love?," she told TV Plus, before adding that she "didn't feel used by it"

"I was trying to be myself and if anyone had asked me about myself I would have told them," she said.

The six men in the show have complained after they were told to compete for Miriam's attentions during a two week shoot in Ibiza. They tried to get as close as possible to her without knowing of her past and accused producers of causing emotional distress.

After threatening court cases, the men accepted cash settlements from Sky One, which is currently showing the series.

The show has also been criticised by transsexual groups, who fear the depiction of Miriam may turn public opinion against them.