Someone at Gaylifeuk found the following script for Coming out for people all over the world to use when coming out. If you want to come out and not sure what to say. Then read this and it may help.

In the matter of the present, Gays represent a minority to the minorities, someone new to kick the dirt off their shoes -- someone lesser in the minds of many -- to bestow the same behaviours that society has bestowed upon them. This is not a motivating reason for anyone to state that they are Gay. Therefore, Gay is something deeper than a choice. Gay is a struggle to exist. Gay is something that is felt from birth.

To come out is not something we do to shock people, nor is it done to invoke fear. Instead, it is, for us, to individually fight our fear, to accept ourselves, and to move forward into life. But often, families take the action of a person coming out as an affront; as a direct attack upon their heritage and their parentage.

This is not the case. We just want to continue to be loved by our families, and the fear of losing such love is overpowering. So many Gay young people commit suicide rather than take the risk and see if there can be love.

So, this is my way of saying that I love you, that I hope you will still love me, and you will, somehow, understand why it is that I need to tell you what is deepest in my heart. I am Gay. I don't know why, but I just am. Please do not take away your love for me. I need you in my life.