• Coming Out

    Coming Out

    This guide has been written for gay and bisexual men of all ages who are thinking of coming out.

    We know that making the decision to come out can be scary and stressful.It is for these reasons we put together this guide.

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  • Hotels & B&Bs

    Hotels & B&Bs

    Want a break or somewhere to stay?

    Our Gay & Gay friendly listings will help you find the perfect place to stay.

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  • Gay Sex Guide

    Gay Sex Guide

    Have you ever wondered about the difference between just good sex and "girl-you-only-wish-you-had-it-so-good" sex? In a word ... technique.

    Our guide could make you a legend in the bedroom.

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  • Gay Pubs & Clubs

    Gay Pubs & Clubs

    Looking for the best places to have a night out?

    Our listings have been continuously updated and trusted since 1999.

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  • Gay Saunas

    Gay Saunas

    Looking to relax or unwind? Or just looking for a bit of fun?

    Our Sauna listing are sure to help. You find what you are possibly looking for.

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